Review N26: the online bank account with zero fees

Review N26: the online bank account with zero fees


N26 free bank account for your, everyday!

bank account n26

 Free account maintenance fee with N26 Standard

 Free Mastercard virtual card, accepted worldwide



N26 is the secure, economical, and 100% digital online banking account with many versions, both for individuals and freelancers.

These are the main features of bank accounts for individuals.

account n26 Features of N26 Accounts for Individuals

 Four different accounts for every need (Standard, Smart, You and Metal)

 Free account maintenance fee with N26 Standard Account

 Free Virtual Debit Card in the Standard version

 Do everything Online independently

 Send, receive, and manage your money in one place

HOT Make free bank transfers in real-time with N26 MoneyBeam


Here are the main features of the bank accounts for freelancers and professionals

account n26 business Features of N26 Accounts for Freelancers

 Four different accounts for every need (Business Standard, Business Smart, Business You, and Business Metal)

 Free account maintenance fee with N26 Business Standard Account

 Free Virtual Debit Card in the Standard version

 Do everything online independently

 Get paid instantly with zero fees

HOT Enjoy 0.1% cashback every month


How does N26 work?

N26 is a digital bank providing a free and user-friendly bank account, available in 24 countries with over 1 million customers.

The N26 Bank Account operates through an easy-to-use app, which is the sole gateway to your account. To start, you'll create a profile, input personal details, and upload identification documents. Once set up, you can activate your account and enjoy the perks of having a banking partner on your phone.

N26 suits individuals seeking more financial freedom and freelancers looking to avoid hefty overdraft fees while working, offering a 0.1% monthly cashback on credit card expenses, which increases to 0.5% with the Metal version.

N26 offers four different current accounts for individuals and freelancers, each highly customizable to cater to various needs, from youngsters wanting a simple, no-fee account to professionals desiring a comprehensive solution with 0.5% cashback.



Hassle-free banking solution for daily needs.

Transact, manage, and hold your funds all in one spot through the N26 mobile app or N26 WebApp, available whenever, wherever. Get your online bank account set up in just 8 minutes—no paperwork, no queues, no account fees, just simple banking.


Complimentary virtual Mastercard, recognized globally

With your free bank account, receive a virtual Mastercard debit card at no cost, and begin your spending journey on your smartphone instantly. Effortlessly make contactless payments using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Enjoy three free cash withdrawals monthly from NFC-enabled ATMs.

If there's no NFC-enabled ATM around, or you fancy having a physical card, no worries—simply request a tangible Mastercard debit card with a nominal one-time delivery fee of €10.


Effortless instant payments

Enjoy free real-time bank transfers with N26 MoneyBeam, allowing you to send, receive, or request money from other N26 users using just an email or phone number.

In a rush to transfer funds from another bank to your N26 account? Bypass the wait with SEPA Instant Credit Transfers, ensuring you receive incoming payments into your free bank account within seconds.



Security in N26

In N26 your savings are always safe

Mastercard 3D Secure

Relish enhanced security with Mastercard 3D Secure's two-step verification for online buys.

Instant Alerts

Get instant push alerts for all account actions, staying updated on every transaction.

Biometric Access

Ensure extra login security using fingerprint or FaceID verification for your free account access.

N26 and €100,000 Cover

With N26's full banking license, rest assured your funds up to €100,000 are safeguarded by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.




Opting for an N26 Bank Account offers a blend of convenience, security, and modern banking essentials. With a user-friendly app, real-time transaction notifications, and robust security measures including Mastercard 3D Secure and biometric identification, managing finances becomes a hassle-free task.

The absence of hidden fees, coupled with perks like a free virtual Mastercard and the assurance of fund protection up to €100,000 under the German Deposit Protection Scheme, makes N26 a compelling choice for those seeking a streamlined and transparent banking experience.


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